DAAKO was created in 2014 in Warsaw, as a studio mainly focusing on creating high-quality architectural visualisation. Since then, we have worked with clients in Poland and Europe, creating hundreds of visualisations for projects of different scales – from luxury housing to extensive urban masterplans.

We extended our services, and now we also offer comprehensive graphics services for real-estate and development. In addition to architectural visualisation, we produce virtual tours, 360º panoramic views, and every other graphical product that supports your sales. The pattern remains the same though – we still believe that presentation of a given project is the key and that choosing the right mood of graphical expression is the best way to emphasize the value of your real estate.

Mateusz Dąbkowski

Founding partner
creative director
+ 48 793 392 802

Małgorzata Dębowska

creative director
+ 48 605 902 228

Phase 0: Analysis


We analyse the source materialprovided by the client. Getting the most basic parameters down, like visualisation count, other services, where they will be used, etc.



Together with the client we create a personalized moodboard,which contains photos and exapmple visualisation. This way, on a very basic stage of work we can know what the style of the visualisation should be and we can recognize all other key elements.



Working together this way, a brief is created, which contains all the important information.

Phase 1: 3D Model


We prepare a 3D model based on clients’ drawings and project documentation (i.e. CAD technical drawings).



Alternatively we can make use of a model prepared by an architectural design studio. We are able to work on models from any of the most popular programs (i.e. Revit, Sketchup, 3ds Max, Archicad, Autocad 3D, etc.)



We make a model of the surroundings based on the photos, drawings and other material. With aerial views we also might use photos shoot by a drone.

Phase 2: Frame


We create a few frames to choose from, for each of your visualisations.

During this phase we create a proposal on how to best promote the key elements to your designed space. Each idea for a frame is being sent to the client, as a few work-in-progress pictures, with attachments of other examples showing similar ideas and style.

Each frame also gives a proposal on lighting (daylight / night visualisation)

Phase 3: Details


After accepting the frames we make a composition: green spaces, small architectures, surroundings, etc.
This is the phase where we give a final proposal on lighting.



We make the 3D model and surroundings detailed..



We work on the material of your building, based on techincal documentation and reference photos.

Phase 4: Post-production


After accepting the detail of the building and how the materials look like, we make final touches to the scene and we work on mood of your visualisation.



After sending the final sample to our client we render a high-resolution images, which is precisely fit to your needs (i.e. billboard print).



We work on final colour of your image, and we add people and „life” to the picture.